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The Best 24-Inch Monitor

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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A 24-inch monitor can be a great companion to a laptop, offering a larger, space-efficient second screen that charges your device while in use. We think the Asus ProArt PA247CV is an especially good monitor for most people, since it has USB-C charging, a USB hub for peripherals, and fantastic color accuracy. Desktop users can also easily link as many as four together for a multi-monitor setup, making it a versatile pick for PCs with limited ports.

Asus ProArt PA247CV , the best 24-inch monitor

Asus ProArt PA247CV

The best 24-inch monitor
The PA247CV combines an accurate screen with a range of nice features, including a USB-C port with 65 watts of charging power and a USB hub.
We recommend
Asus VA24DCP, a bargain with usb-c

Asus VA24DCP

A bargain with USB-C
The Asus VA24DCP is an inexpensive monitor that still delivers nice colors, high contrast, and a USB-C port that can charge a laptop at full speed.
Budget friendly
Dell UltraSharp U2421E, for ultra-precise color accuracy

Dell UltraSharp U2421E

For ultra-precise color accuracy
The Dell U2421E has a taller aspect ratio than our other picks, which means it offers extra vertical space that’s useful when scrolling through big spreadsheets or long web pages and documents.
A better upgrade

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