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The 5 Best Android Phones

Updated Dec 20, 2022
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Android phones vary widely in both price and user experience, from just a couple hundred dollars to well over $1,000, and from unbelievably frustrating to unbelievably impressive. After spending hundreds of hours testing Android smartphones, we think the Google Pixel 7—which sits in the sweet spot of competitive pricing and great hardware—is the best Android phone for most people. It offers outstanding software and camera performance, and it costs much less than other high-end handsets. It will receive guaranteed software updates for longer than most Android phones, too.

Google Pixel 7, best android smartphone

Google Pixel 7

Best Android smartphone
The Pixel 7 offers the best version of Android, with guaranteed security updates through fall 2027—plus the best Android smartphone camera we’ve ever tested. It also has excellent build quality and costs half as much as Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra.
We recommend
Google Pixel 7 Pro, a more powerful android phone

Google Pixel 7 Pro

A more powerful Android phone
The Pixel 7 Pro takes the amazing Pixel 7 and adds a bigger, better screen and a zoom camera—and it’s still cheaper than the competition.
A better upgrade
Google Pixel 6a, a less expensive android phone

Google Pixel 6a

A less expensive Android phone
For quite a bit less, the Pixel 6a offers the same excellent version of Android as the Pixel 7 with updates through 2027, and it has the high-end Tensor processor that debuted in the Pixel 6. The camera is a step down from those in new flagship Pixels, but it’s still better than those in some phones costing hundreds more.
Budget friendly
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, a no-compromises android phone

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

A no-compromises Android phone
A fast processor, a huge screen, class-leading camera hardware, and even a stylus make the Galaxy S22 Ultra the most full-featured Android phone available. But you should buy it only if it’s on sale.
Another good choice
Samsung Galaxy S22, a smaller android phone

Samsung Galaxy S22

A smaller Android phone
The Galaxy S22 has the same powerful processor as the S22 Ultra, but its compact frame and smaller display make it easier to use, even if you have only one hand free.
Another good choice

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