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The Best Bathroom Rugs and Bath Mats

Updated Dec 12, 2022
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A great bath mat will brighten up a bathroom, keep your feet toasty, and perform the all-important job of protecting you from slipping on wet floors. After 30 hours of researching and testing dozens of rugs and mats, we’ve picked three that we love for their style, comfort, and functionality. Each should last through many washes, and will make your bathroom look and feel a bit more luxurious.

Lands’ End Supima Cotton Non-skid Bath Rug, the best nonslip mat

Lands’ End Supima Cotton Non-skid Bath Rug

The best nonslip mat
This rug’s thick, nonslip backing is the best at gripping bathroom floors, and its woven cotton pile absorbs water well and dries quickly.
We recommend
Frontgate Resort Bath Mat, a thick, hotel-style mat

Frontgate Resort Bath Mat

A thick, hotel-style mat
This towel-like mat isn’t as grippy (it doesn’t have a nonslip backing), but it’s easy to hang to dry between showering and will fit under a low-clearance door. It comes in lots of colors but is available in only one size.
We recommend
ToiletTree Products Bamboo Bath Mat, a modern wood mat

ToiletTree Products Bamboo Bath Mat

A modern wood mat
With its sleek look, nice finish, sturdy feel, and good price, this was the best wood mat we found. Just don’t expect it to absorb water.
We recommend

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