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The Best Black Tights

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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Black tights are perhaps your wardrobe’s best supporting player. Though they may never take center stage—tights aren’t usually worn solo, since they’re not fully opaque—they readily contribute style, modesty, and warmth. The best black tights should be comfortable to wear yet also be able to handle aggressive assaults from zippers, Velcro, and fingernails (as well as kitty nails). We interviewed two experts (including a professional ballerina who wears tights daily), polled dozens of hosiery lovers, and tested 20 pairs to find our five favorites.

Commando Ultimate Opaque Matte Tights, comfortable and supportive

Commando Ultimate Opaque Matte Tights

Comfortable and supportive
These tights were easy to pull on and extra-comfy, but they weren’t notably warm. They do have a wide, edge-free waistband and a silky finish, so they’ll be inconspicuous under clingy or sheer fabrics.
We recommend
Snag Opaque Tights, super-soft and cheap, in a range of sizes

Snag Opaque Tights

Super-soft and cheap, in a range of sizes
We found Snag’s affordable tights to be soft and stretchy, and they’re available in a wide range of sizes. But they didn’t offer much support.
We recommend
Sheertex Luxury Semi Sheer Tights, pricey, but nearly impossible to snag

Sheertex Luxury Semi Sheer Tights

Pricey, but nearly impossible to snag
These were the most expensive tights we tested, but we dare you to try and rip them. The extra-sturdy fabric didn’t feel all that soft; it was more utilitarian. However, this brand offers sizes up to 3XL, a rarity.
We recommend
Wolford Merino Tights, maximum warmth, minimal itchiness

Wolford Merino Tights

Maximum warmth, minimal itchiness
Though notably pricey, these wool-blend tights are the warmest ones we recommend. We found them to be durable, with a surprisingly pleasant feel.
We recommend
Swedish Stockings Olivia Premium Tights, sturdy, well fitting, made from recycled material

Swedish Stockings Olivia Premium Tights

Sturdy, well fitting, made from recycled material
These tights are made from recycled material, and you can also recycle them down the line. They strike a nice balance of looks, price, and comfort, and got solid rankings from our testers.
We recommend

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