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The Best Bluetooth Audio Receiver for Your Home Stereo or Speakers

Updated Dec 12, 2022
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These days most mainstream audio electronics have Bluetooth connectivity built in. But if you have older home-audio gear, such as a beloved stereo receiver or a set of powered speakers, there’s a chance that either it lacks Bluetooth connectivity altogether or its Bluetooth reception is poor. That doesn’t mean you have to scrap your system and start over. A Bluetooth audio receiver lets you pair your older gear with the latest Bluetooth audio sources—and the best ones give you great sound. The iFi Audio Zen Air Blue is our favorite due to its excellent range, exhaustive format support, and surprisingly good audio performance for the price.

iFi Audio Zen Air Blue, the best bluetooth receiver for most people

iFi Audio Zen Air Blue

The best Bluetooth receiver for most people
This Bluetooth audio receiver sounds amazing, is simple to set up, and offers surprisingly good range—but it lacks digital audio outputs.
We recommend
iFi Audio Zen Blue V2, if you need more range or digital outputs

iFi Audio Zen Blue V2

If you need more range or digital outputs
The Zen Blue V2 is a costly but worthwhile upgrade to our top pick if you prefer digital outputs or have a larger home that requires more signal range.
A better upgrade
Monoprice 38071 Premium Bluetooth 5 Transmitter and Receiver, more affordable and portable

Monoprice 38071 Premium Bluetooth 5 Transmitter and Receiver

More affordable and portable
If you’re looking for a cheap, reliable Bluetooth audio receiver with portable potential, the Monoprice 38071 performs well. But it has some quirks.
Budget friendly

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