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The Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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Portable Bluetooth speakers are the easiest, most affordable way to spread music and podcasts across a room, backyard, or beach blanket. Just pair one with your phone or tablet, and you’ve got a sound system that works just as well in a bike basket or at the pool as it does in a bedroom. Because Bluetooth speakers come in a variety of designs and sizes, no model is perfect for every situation, but the excellent sound and rugged design of the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3 made it the favorite in our tests.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3, the best portable bluetooth speaker

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3

The best portable Bluetooth speaker
The Wonderboom 3 has a natural sound and a cool design, and it’s built to survive almost any outdoor adventure. But its round form is a little chunky, and it still relies on the increasingly uncommon Micro-USB port for charging.
We recommend
EarFun UBoom L, if usb-c charging is a must-have feature

EarFun UBoom L

If USB-C charging is a must-have feature
The UBoom L offers good sound quality, solid durability, and USB-C charging. But our testers liked the sound and design of our top pick more.
Another good choice
Sony SRS-XG300, larger and louder, yet still nicely portable

Sony SRS-XG300

Larger and louder, yet still nicely portable
The SRS-XG300 can play quite loud but still has a convenient, portable form—and it’s tough enough to brave the elements. But it costs significantly more.
A better upgrade
Tribit XSound Go, very good sound for under $50

Tribit XSound Go

Very good sound for under $50
The Tribit XSound Go is the best speaker we’ve heard in its price range, and it’s compact and waterproof to boot. But it can’t play as loud as our larger, more expensive picks.
Budget friendly
Ultimate Ears Hyperboom, for pool parties and tailgating

Ultimate Ears Hyperboom

For pool parties and tailgating
The Hyperboom plays loud enough to fill a backyard and offers sound quality that’s comparable in many ways to that of a good small stereo system. However, it’s much larger and pricier than our other picks.
Another good choice

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