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The Best Cat Litter

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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The stinky, sometimes sticky mess that cats leave in the litter box is easier to handle if you have the right cat litter. After two years of testing 17 cat litters, we think Dr. Elsey’s Ultra does the best job of making litter box chores a little easier, because it masks odors, clumps well, and keeps dust to a minimum. Plus, it’s cheaper than many other options—an important factor, considering this is something you’ll use a lot of in a cat’s lifetime.

Dr. Elsey’s Ultra, the best cat litter

Dr. Elsey’s Ultra

The best cat litter
This cat litter forms sturdy clumps, effectively controls odors, and is one of the cheapest options available.
We recommend
Arm & Hammer Cloud Control Clumping Litter, easier to clean

Arm & Hammer Cloud Control Clumping Litter

Easier to clean
This litter does a good job of controlling odors, and it doesn’t leave gunky messes stuck to the box like other litters we tested. But it’s more expensive per pound than our top pick.
Another good choice
DurAnimals DuraScoop Original Cat Litter Scoop, the best scoop

DurAnimals DuraScoop Original Cat Litter Scoop

The best scoop
This large and easy-to-hold scoop makes a gross chore as pleasant as possible.
We recommend

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