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The Best Cheap Sunglasses

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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Choosing a pair of sunglasses is about more than protecting your eyes from the sun—it’s also an opportunity to showcase your style. After testing 29 pairs over the past three years, we’ve found 11 affordable, UV-blocking, and polarized sunglasses in a variety of styles for fashion and safety. The group includes aviators, round sunglasses, cat-eye sunglasses, and Wayfarer-style sunglasses, as well as a skinny pair of sunglasses for traveling.

J+S Classic Aviator, classic shape, comfortable construction

J+S Classic Aviator

Classic shape, comfortable construction
The J+S Classic Aviator sunglasses are easy to wear for long periods of time and fit snugly on most faces thanks to their sturdy metal build.
We recommend
Kent Wang Sunglasses Aviator, a steel pair of aviators from a manufacturer we trust

Kent Wang Sunglasses Aviator

A steel pair of aviators from a manufacturer we trust
Kent Wang’s aviators cost more than the J+S aviator pair, but they’re especially comfortable and notably compact, and they come with a great two-year warranty.
A better upgrade
Sungait Vintage Round Sunglasses, affordable round sunglasses with a lifetime warranty

Sungait Vintage Round Sunglasses

Affordable round sunglasses with a lifetime warranty
The Sungait glasses were the most comfortable and sturdy of the affordable round sunglasses we tested. Plus, they come with a lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee.
We recommend
Kent Wang Sunglasses Keyhole, stylish, comfortable, and highly durable

Kent Wang Sunglasses Keyhole

Stylish, comfortable, and highly durable
The pricier Kent Wang Keyhole pair is made from cellulose acetate, which is a little more durable than the plastic of the Sungait pair. We think these sunglasses look as good as luxury pairs twice their price.
A better upgrade
Nooz Optics Cruz, slim and light

Nooz Optics Cruz

Slim and light
The ultralight and ultraflat Nooz Optics Cruz sunglasses are a great pair of travel sunglasses—they barely take up any room at all.
We recommend
Sunski Camina, a classic, comfortable pair of large cat-eye sunglasses

Sunski Camina

A classic, comfortable pair of large cat-eye sunglasses
The comfortable Sunski Camina sunglasses have tall, wide lenses and pinched edges that add a dramatic flourish to your face.
We recommend
Eyebuydirect Cartel, a sturdy, modern pair of cat-eye glasses

Eyebuydirect Cartel

A sturdy, modern pair of cat-eye glasses
The EyeBuyDirect Cartel sunglasses were a standout in comfort and fit. If you have a petite face, or if you don’t want glasses that will dominate your look, these cat-eye frames may suit you best.
We recommend
Goodr The OGs, wayfarer-style sunglasses on the cheap

Goodr The OGs

Wayfarer-style sunglasses on the cheap
These Wayfarer knockoffs looked good on just about all of our panelists. Plus, they stay put when you’re active—something worth considering if your workout routine has moved outside.
We recommend
Blenders Sydney, wayfarer-style sunglasses with some oomph

Blenders Sydney

Wayfarer-style sunglasses with some oomph
Though this pair is more expensive than other Wayfarer-style glasses we like, the Blenders Sydneys stand out due to their vibrant style, interesting squarish shape, and premium look and feel, all of which they offer without sacrificing comfort.
A better upgrade
Eyebuydirect Taylor, round prescription sunglasses from a great brand

Eyebuydirect Taylor

Round prescription sunglasses from a great brand
The EyeBuyDirect Taylor sunglasses are perfectly comfortable, cute on just about every face, and easily filled with prescription lenses.
We recommend
Eyebuydirect Nevada, prescription wayfarer-style sunglasses that feel premium

Eyebuydirect Nevada

Prescription Wayfarer-style sunglasses that feel premium
The EyeBuyDirect Nevada sunglasses are as comfortable as Goodr’s The OGs, and they’re made from acetate, which gives them a more premium look and feel.
We recommend

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