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The Best Chopsticks

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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Chopsticks are the ultimate in versatility, and with enough practice, they can become graceful extensions of your own fingers. Slim and inexpensive, chopsticks are a great addition to almost any kitchen. We considered more than 100 pairs before testing 42 of them. After plucking at an array of foods—from kung pao chicken to Flamin’ Hot Cheetos—and washing every pair both by hand and in the dishwasher, we chose our favorites for their comfort, durability, and ease of use.

Crate & Barrel Striped Bamboo Chopstick, Set of 5 Pairs, our favorite everyday chopsticks

Crate & Barrel Striped Bamboo Chopstick, Set of 5 Pairs

Our favorite everyday chopsticks
These classic bamboo chopsticks are the best all-around pair: affordable, comfortable to use, and great for eating a variety of foods.
We recommend
Kent Wang Ebony Chopsticks, luxe wooden chopsticks

Kent Wang Ebony Chopsticks

Luxe wooden chopsticks
These unique chopsticks are so special, they’re used in a Michelin-starred restaurant. They do require a little more care than most.
A better upgrade
Pearl River 10″ Red Wood Chopsticks, great for cooking

Pearl River 10″ Red Wood Chopsticks

Great for cooking
These hardy, Chinese-style chopsticks are perfect for cooking and everyday use.
Another good choice
Korin Black Melamine Hexagon Chopsticks, dishwasher friendly

Korin Black Melamine Hexagon Chopsticks

Dishwasher friendly
These great all-around chopsticks can go straight in the dishwasher, all day every day.
Another good choice
Korin Acrylic Twisted Clear Chopsticks, dishwasher safe, but make it fashion

Korin Acrylic Twisted Clear Chopsticks

Dishwasher safe, but make it fashion
If you’re not into hand washing, and you want to make a see-through statement, these may be for you.
Another good choice
Senior ICare Chopstick Helpers, great for beginners or those who have manual-dexterity challenges

Senior ICare Chopstick Helpers

Great for beginners or those who have manual-dexterity challenges
If your chopsticks skills are nascent, this helper pair offers comfortable and discreet support.
Another good choice

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