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The Best Cordless Phone

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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Cordless phones are ugly, clunky, often-frustrating anachronisms that might seem like antique additions to modern homes. And most cordless phones are made by the same two manufacturers, with vanishingly few differences among the many mediocre models. Still, cordless phones remain popular, and they can be extremely helpful in an emergency or in homes with poor cell reception. After testing 12 top candidates, we’re sure AT&T’s DL72210 is the best old-fashioned handset. This two-phone package has respectable range and sounds better than any other handset we tested. It also offers premium features such as smart call blocking and a Bluetooth cell phone connection at a non-premium price.If you have mild to moderate hearing loss, we also have an amplified cordless phone pick for you.

AT&T DL72210, the best cordless phone

AT&T DL72210

The best cordless phone
This phone offers good range, great voice quality, and more features than most others at this price.
We recommend
Panasonic KX-TGM420W, a great amplified cordless phone

Panasonic KX-TGM420W

A great amplified cordless phone
The KX-TGM420W’s higher volume levels can help people with mild to moderate hearing loss, and its tone adjustment may make understanding speakers easier.
Another good choice
VTech CS6114, a basic cordless phone

VTech CS6114

A basic cordless phone
This model is great if you need only a clear-sounding phone without any bells or whistles. It’s an ideal candidate to keep around in case of an emergency.
Budget friendly
VTech IS8151-4, a feature-packed phone with particularly long range

VTech IS8151-4

A feature-packed phone with particularly long range
This phone has every feature you could want, as well as the longest range of any model we tested.
A better upgrade

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