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The Best Dog and Cat Cones

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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After a week of researching e-collars—the “cones of shame” that pets wear around their necks after an injury or surgery—and testing 10 of them on two dogs and one annoyed cat, we think the Remedy + Recovery E-Collar is the best for most pets. It’s made of durable transparent plastic so your pet maintains some peripheral vision, its edges are padded for better comfort, and it’s easier to assemble than a cone from the vet.

Remedy + Recovery E-Collar, clear, comfortable, affordable

Remedy + Recovery E-Collar

Clear, comfortable, affordable
This cone has padded edges for better comfort and prevents most cats and dogs from licking healing wounds.
We recommend
Calm Paws Caring Collar, for less-active pets

Calm Paws Caring Collar

For less-active pets
Softer than our main pick and squishable—so it's more comfortable to wear in a crate or while sleeping. It offers a wider viewing angle than other cloth e-collars we tested (though much less than our main pick).
Another good choice
Kong Cloud Collar, for cats and short-nosed dogs

Kong Cloud Collar

For cats and short-nosed dogs
The Cloud Collar is short and inflatable, so it’s easier for short-nosed pets to wear than our main pick, and cats tolerate it well.
Another good choice

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