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The Best Dog DNA Test

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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If your pup’s parentage is perplexing, a dog DNA test could reveal its ancestry. These tests use your dog’s saliva (and the thousands of DNA markers within it) to tell you which breeds make up its family tree. We dug into 17 products, consulted five genetics experts, and collected slobber from five dogs to find that Embark Breed + Health Kit’s sizable breed database, wide array of inherited-disease screenings, and reliable customer support mark it as the best dog DNA test.

Embark Breed + Health Kit, the best dog dna test

Embark Breed + Health Kit

The best dog DNA test
Embark has a comprehensive breed database, screens for more genetic diseases than its rivals, and has reliable customer service.
We recommend
Wisdom Panel Premium, more breeds, likely less accurate

Wisdom Panel Premium

More breeds, likely less accurate
Wisdom Panel Premium identifies more AKC-registered breeds than any kit we tested. Also, it’s cheaper, and the turnaround time is quicker than with other kits. But Wisdom Panel uses fewer genetic markers in its tests than the competition, so we don’t think the results are as accurate.
Another good choice

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