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The Best Drawing Tablets for Beginners

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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Drawing on pen and paper is simple, but scanning and uploading a physical sketch takes effort and involves a lot of hassle. Drawing tablets are a great way to make your creative work digital from the start, but the best models can be too expensive for novices, while cheap options are often a huge pain to set up and use. After interviewing five professional artists, researching 64 drawing tablets, and testing eight tablets, we’ve found the Wacom Intuos to be the best drawing tablet for beginners. The Intuos is easy to install on Windows and macOS, and it offers the most precision and control for the least amount of cash.

Wacom Intuos, the best drawing tablet for beginners

Wacom Intuos

The best drawing tablet for beginners
The Intuos is the most compatible, customizable, and precise graphics tablet that beginners can get for less than $100.
We recommend
One by Wacom, the best drawing tablet for students

One by Wacom

The best drawing tablet for students
The One by Wacom is the easiest-to-use and most affordable tablet we’ve found.
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