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The Best Drinking Glass

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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After considering 50 options and spending more than 60 hours testing, we think the Bormioli Rocco Rock Bar tumbler is the best all-purpose drinking glass for most people. It’s durable, lightweight, and available in a variety of sizes, and in our tests it repeatedly survived counter-height drops onto a marble floor. The classic bistro styling of the Bormioli glass pairs nicely with almost any dinnerware, making it suitable for all occasions.

Bormioli Rocco Rock Bar, the best drinking glass

Bormioli Rocco Rock Bar

The best drinking glass
The reasonably priced Bormioli Rocco Rock Bar glass is extremely durable and stacks well without sticking. It has a bistro style similar to our upgrade pick, the Duralex Picardie glass, but it costs about half the price.
We recommend
IKEA 365+, an inexpensive yet durable drinking glass

IKEA 365+

An inexpensive yet durable drinking glass
The tempered IKEA 365+ glasses are affordable, durable, and simply designed. In our drop tests they fared almost as well as glasses costing five times as much.
Budget friendly
Duralex Picardie, a more elegant all-purpose drinking glass

Duralex Picardie

A more elegant all-purpose drinking glass
We love the look and feel of the classic French bistro-style Duralex Picardie glass. This tempered glass is slightly heavier than our main pick, and occasionally sticks together when stacked, but its shape is more refined.
A better upgrade
IKEA Godis, the best soda-lime glass

IKEA Godis

The best soda-lime glass
This inexpensive, non-tempered glass is tall and narrow, so it’s best suited for cocktails and water. The IKEA Godis stacks well, but its height takes up more space in a cupboard than our other picks.
Another good choice
US Acrylic Classic 16-ounce Water Tumbler, the best plastic tumbler

US Acrylic Classic 16-ounce Water Tumbler

The best plastic tumbler
This 16-ounce plastic tumbler gives the appearance of glass and is a great option if you frequently entertain outdoors or have young kids in the house. Its tall, narrow shape makes it most appropriate for water and cocktails.
Another good choice

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