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The Best Duct Tape

Updated Dec 12, 2022
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We tested more than 10 duct tapes on wood, glass, and plastic sheeting, spending seven months monitoring their outdoor performance in a New England field, and we found the best roll of duct tape to have around the house is Duck Max Strength. No other tape we tested has such a good combination of features—strong adhesive, high material strength, and stretchy flexibility—making it the most useful in the widest variety of situations.

Duck Brand MAX Strength Duct Tape, the best duct tape

Duck Brand MAX Strength Duct Tape

The best duct tape
Duck Max Strength sticks to most anything, tears off the roll neatly, and stays stiff enough to not flop onto itself yet flexible enough to wrap around corners or an uneven surface.
We recommend
Sticky Ass Tape, for outdoor fixes

Sticky Ass Tape

For outdoor fixes
Sticky Ass Tape is harder to tear and isn’t as flexible, but it’s very effective for outdoor uses like temporarily repairing a hole in your gutter.
Another good choice

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