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The Best Electronics Kits for Kids and Beginners

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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An electronics kit is so much more than wires and LEDs; it’s an introduction to how everyday gadgets work and a gateway to STEM projects like engineering and coding. After testing 13 top-rated models with the help of kid testers, we found the SmartLab Smart Circuits to be the best electronics kit for kids 8 and older (and anyone else) who’d like to experiment with electronics concepts at home. The Smart Circuits kit offers the best combination of educational instructions, easy-to-use pieces, and interesting projects that will grab and hold kids’ attention.

SmartLab Smart Circuits, the best electronics kit for beginners

SmartLab Smart Circuits

The best electronics kit for beginners
Smart Circuits offers the best combination of interesting projects, thorough instructions, and real learning. Our testers loved using the kit to build noisemakers and conduct quick experiments.
We recommend
Elenco Snap Circuits Jr., a basic kit you can expand

Elenco Snap Circuits Jr.

A basic kit you can expand
The Snap Circuits Jr. kit is durable and easy to use, but the instructions don’t offer much context. The included projects aren’t exciting for all kids, but the kit is compatible with Elenco’s extensive Snap Circuits line.
Another good choice

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