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The Best Emergency Weather Radio

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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Extreme weather events are becoming more and more frequent, and relying on your phone for updates won’t work if it’s offline or out of battery power. You need a weather radio—a tool that’s critical in an emergency and handy as a durable, weather-resistant source of power, light, music, and news during regular outdoor activities. After testing more than a dozen models over four years, we’re confident that the Midland ER310 is the best emergency radio for most people.

Midland ER310, tough, dynamic, and portable

Midland ER310

Tough, dynamic, and portable
With great radio reception, NOAA early-warning notifications, and a hand crank that effectively revives it, the ER310 is a durable, compact radio that doubles as a flashlight and charging station.
We recommend
Midland ER210, a sleek version with a smaller battery

Midland ER210

A sleek version with a smaller battery
Identical to our top pick in almost every way, the ER210 is about 33% smaller in size and in battery life. Fortunately, the crank charge works fast to get it up and running again.
Another good choice
RunningSnail MD-090P, no alerts, but capable and affordable

RunningSnail MD-090P

No alerts, but capable and affordable
Though it doesn’t have an LCD screen or NOAA alerts, the RunningSnail’s impressive radio reception, battery life, and multiple lighting options will still get you through a storm.
Budget friendly
Eton Sidekick, the best-sounding weather radio

Eton Sidekick

The best-sounding weather radio
This radio is packed with small luxuries such as Bluetooth, a reading light, and a solid speaker. It’s also the only portable weather radio we’ve found with SAME alerts.
A better upgrade
Midland WR400, the best stationary weather radio for your home

Midland WR400

The best stationary weather radio for your home
This radio alarm should fit onto any desktop, providing you with visual and audible NOAA alerts as well as customizable and hyper-local Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) alerts.
Another good choice

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