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The Best Fire Escape Ladder

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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After more than 30 hours researching, talking to firefighters, and testing three ladders, we’re sure the X-It 2-Story Emergency Escape Ladder is the best ladder to help you exit an upper floor of your home in a fire. It’s the simplest to set up, easiest to climb, and, unlike many others, designed for reuse.

X-It 2-Story Emergency Escape Ladder, the best fire escape ladder

X-It 2-Story Emergency Escape Ladder

The best fire escape ladder
The X-It is simple to set up, easy to climb, convenient to store, and designed to be reused.
We recommend
X-It 3-Story Emergency Escape Ladder, a longer ladder

X-It 3-Story Emergency Escape Ladder

A longer ladder
This is as easy to use as our main pick, it’s just longer—and more expensive.
Another good choice

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