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The Best Folding Chairs

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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You don’t want to feel like you’ve been folded up after sitting in a folding chair for a few hours. After looking at owner reviews and testing the top six models to check them for build and comfort—and planting a wide variety of butts in the chairs in our offices and homes—we still recommend the flexible HDX Black Plastic Seat Foldable Folding Chair, our favorite since 2017 (when it was called the MityLite FlexLite).

HDX Black Plastic Seat Folding Chair, the best folding chair

HDX Black Plastic Seat Folding Chair

The best folding chair
Weirdly comfortable, even for long periods of sitting, this chair is wider than most folding chairs we tested, with a flexible, breathable—yet firm—plastic-mesh back and seat.
We recommend
IKEA Nisse Folding Chair, a compact option

IKEA Nisse Folding Chair

A compact option
This chair has a surprisingly comfortable seat, given its smaller size, and it has the thinnest profile we found. A handle across the top makes the Nisse easy to carry and to hang.
Budget friendly

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