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The Best Upright Freezers

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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There’s little difference in performance among freezers, and they’re all generally reliable, so just about any model you get will be fine. But if you want to be able to find things easily, get an upright freezer, not a chest model. Among upright models, we like the GE FUF17DLRWW because, with its 17.3 cubic feet of space, it offers the best balance of features at the optimal size—along with some extras that you won’t find in similarly priced models.

GE Upright Freezer FUF17DLRWW, the best upright freezer

GE Upright Freezer FUF17DLRWW

The best upright freezer
This garage-ready, frost-free freezer includes all of the most important features, plus a few extra perks, for less money than most comparably sized freezers. It does not have a reversible door.
We recommend
Frigidaire FFFU16F2VW Upright Freezer, smaller, slightly cheaper

Frigidaire FFFU16F2VW Upright Freezer

Smaller, slightly cheaper
This Frigidaire is a little smaller than our top pick, with all of the critical features you’d expect. And it has a reversible door.
Another good choice

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