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The Best Ice Cleats for Shoes

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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A staple of slapstick humor, slipping and falling is a lot less funny when it happens to you—and the risk goes up in winter. After testing 14 different traction devices on water-slicked ice, hard-packed snow, and slippery hills on wintry city sidewalks and forested trails, we've identified the Yaktrax ICEtrekkers Diamond Grip cleats as the best for walking on a number of surfaces. You might also find this set sold as simply the Yaktrax Diamond Grip; they’re the same, so pick the one that’s cheaper.

Yaktrax ICEtrekkers Diamond Grip, for walking both city and trail

Yaktrax ICEtrekkers Diamond Grip

For walking both city and trail
These cleats offer an unusual traction design that can bite into ice and snow, but they still allow you to walk across asphalt without causing a lot of damage to the pavement or the traction device itself.
We recommend
Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultra, for ice fishing and backcountry hiking

Hillsound Trail Crampon Ultra

For ice fishing and backcountry hiking
The 18 stainless steel spikes on the Trail Crampon Ultra pair keep you steady when you have nothing underfoot but loads of snow or pure ice.
Another good choice
Kahtoola NANOspikes, for road running or navigating icy parking lots

Kahtoola NANOspikes

For road running or navigating icy parking lots
The lightweight traction on this pair is provided by 10 small tungsten-carbide spikes that stick into the black ice and mixed snow typically found on winter asphalt.
Another good choice

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