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The Best Ice Scraper and Snow Brush

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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The Hopkins SubZero 80037 has been our ice-scraper pick for years. I’ve used the original test model through four New York City winters and more nor’easters than I care to remember. We consider it indispensable when the white stuff arrives.

Hopkins SubZero 80037, the best ice scraper and snow brush

Hopkins SubZero 80037

The best ice scraper and snow brush
Efficient at clearing ice and sweeping snow, this model is robustly built, works on any size of vehicle, and has thoughtful design details that set it apart from the rest.
We recommend
Hopkins SubZero 16619, a bit shorter, still great

Hopkins SubZero 16619

A bit shorter, still great
The Hopkins SubZero 16619 is similar to the 80037, but shorter, with a smaller brush, and a slightly different scraper—it’s still great but a bit less efficient.
Another good choice
BirdRock Home Snow Moover and Ice Scraper, for a foam brush (not a broom)

BirdRock Home Snow Moover and Ice Scraper

For a foam brush (not a broom)
The Snow Moover’s quick-drying foam brush pushes a lot of snow, the tool disassembles for compact storage, and one piece can be used as a handheld scraper.
Another good choice
Hopkins SubZero 16621, if you just need a scraper

Hopkins SubZero 16621

If you just need a scraper
If you just need a basic handheld scraper, this tool—the Hopkins SubZero scraper head and ice crusher on a nice cushioned handle—is far better than average.
Another good choice

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