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The Best Insoles for Running and Walking

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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After researching and testing 32 types of insoles, we think that the Superfeet Green for men and the Superfeet Blueberry for women offer the best support and cushion for most people. They are comfortable and versatile enough to fit several different types of shoes, whether you’ll be standing on your feet all day or going for a run.

Superfeet Green, best support insole for men

Superfeet Green

Best support insole for men
This firm insole fits in a large range of shoes and best combines the features of support and cushion.
We recommend
Superfeet Blueberry, best support insole for women

Superfeet Blueberry

Best support insole for women
Contoured to better fit the feet of most women, the Superfeet Blueberry provides comfortable support in a large number of shoe styles.
We recommend
Superfeet Carbon, best lightweight support insole

Superfeet Carbon

Best lightweight support insole
If you prefer a slimmer, lighter, and firmer insole that fits in a larger number of shoes, the Superfeet Carbon is worth the extra cost.
A better upgrade
Spenco Comfort Insole, best cushioning for the budget-minded

Spenco Comfort Insole

Best cushioning for the budget-minded
If you prefer a softer feel than your standard sock liner, Spenco Comfort Insoles provide some additional cushion at an affordable price.
Budget friendly
CurrexSole RunPro, best cushioned insole for runners

CurrexSole RunPro

Best cushioned insole for runners
These are a good choice for active people if you prefer a more form-fitting insole with better ventilation. This is the medium arch profile model, but you can also get a high or low arch profile insole.
Another good choice
Hapad Metatarsal Pad, best for forefoot pain

Hapad Metatarsal Pad

Best for forefoot pain
Don’t let their simple felt and adhesive design fool you—these can bring significant relief to people suffering with forefoot discomfort.
Another good choice

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