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The Best Interior Paint

Updated Dec 17, 2022
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After more than 30 hours of research, talking to eight professional painters across the country with a combined 152 years of experience, and considering over 55 interior paints, we would choose Benjamin Moore Regal Select for our own interior painting needs. Half of the painters we spoke to named Regal Select specifically as the high-quality paint of choice that they use and would recommend to their friends and family. Given that there are nearly 60 interior latex paints available from the major brands, this kind of consensus is impressive.

Benjamin Moore Regal Select, the best interior paint

Benjamin Moore Regal Select

The best interior paint
This paint goes on easy and combines coverage, durability, and cleanability. Half the painters we spoke to consider it their paint of choice.
We recommend
Sherwin-Williams Cashmere, a fine, top-end paint

Sherwin-Williams Cashmere

A fine, top-end paint
This paint shares many characteristics with our main pick but is slightly more expensive.
Another good choice
Benjamin Moore Ben, a cheaper option, but less coverage

Benjamin Moore Ben

A cheaper option, but less coverage
Similar to our top pick, but won’t cover as well and isn’t as strong over time.
Budget friendly

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