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The Best iPhone Armbands for Running

Updated Dec 12, 2022
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So you want to bring your phone on your run. You might think an armband is the best option. Often, it’s not: You may be better off with a running belt. However, if you’re really set on carrying your phone on your arm, we’ve determined after 50-some hours of testing (and hundreds of miles of running with iPhones lashed to our biceps) that the Tune Belt Sport Armband is the most comfortable, stable, and easy-to-use armband for most runners.

Tune Belt Sport Armband, the best running armband for iphones

Tune Belt Sport Armband

The best running armband for iPhones
This affordable and reliable armband provides a better combination of comfort, stability, and ease of use than any other armband we tested.
We recommend
Tribe Comrade, solid and serviceable, and affordable

Tribe Comrade

Solid and serviceable, and affordable
Tribe’s armband is more comfortable and stable, and easier to use, than most others we tested—though the low price comes with durability concerns.
Budget friendly
Quad Lock Run Kit, mount-it-anywhere versatility

Quad Lock Run Kit

Mount-it-anywhere versatility
The Quad Lock was the most expensive model we tested but also the most versatile. It lets you mount your phone securely on your arm, in your car, on your bike, or almost anywhere else.
A better upgrade

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