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The Best Keyboards

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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A great keyboard should be comfortable and satisfying to type on all day long, but which one you should get depends on a number of your preferences. We’ve spent thousands of hours typing on keyboards of all kinds to help you narrow down your search, whether you want a compact keyboard to save desk space or an ergonomic keyboard to mitigate or prevent discomfort. We also have advice for deciding which type to get if you’re not sure where to start.

Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard, the best wireless keyboard

Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

The best wireless keyboard
The Logitech K380 is comfortable to type on, compact, and blessed with long battery life. Plus, it can pair with and switch between up to three Bluetooth devices.
We recommend
Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac, the best wireless keyboard for mac

Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac

The best wireless keyboard for Mac
This version of the K380 has a macOS-specific layout, so the Fn, Control, Option, and Command keys are where Mac users expect. It’s otherwise identical to the standard K380.
We recommend
Logitech MX Keys Mini, even better to type on

Logitech MX Keys Mini

Even better to type on
The backlit keys on the MX Keys Mini are particularly comfortable to type on and don’t require an adjustment period. It’s nearly as compact as the K380, but it has shorter battery life, and it’s pricey.
A better upgrade
Logitech MX Keys Mini for Mac, an upgrade for mac

Logitech MX Keys Mini for Mac

An upgrade for Mac
This version of the MX Keys Mini has a layout tailored to Mac users, and is otherwise identical to the standard MX Keys Mini.
A better upgrade
Ducky One 2 SF, the best compact mechanical keyboard

Ducky One 2 SF

The best compact mechanical keyboard
The One 2 SF is the Goldilocks keyboard—it doesn’t have too many or too few keys—and it feels great to type on.
We recommend
Qisan Magicforce , a starter mechanical keyboard

Qisan Magicforce

A starter mechanical keyboard
The Magicforce feels better to type on than any other cheap mechanical keyboard, though due to its keycaps and case it doesn’t look or feel as nice to type on as our top pick. We recommend the Cherry Brown switches or the Gateron Brown switches, depending on what’s available.
Budget friendly
Vortex Tab 75, more keys

Vortex Tab 75

More keys
The Tab 75 has a full function row at the top but doesn’t take up more horizontal desk space. It can work wirelessly and comes with Mac-specific keycaps.
Another good choice
Varmilo VA87M, the best mechanical keyboard

Varmilo VA87M

The best mechanical keyboard
The tenkeyless VA87M has top-notch build quality and a tasteful, minimalist design. It’s available with a wide variety of switches and keycaps.
We recommend
Varmilo VA87M Mac, the best mechanical keyboard for mac

Varmilo VA87M Mac

The best mechanical keyboard for Mac
This version of the VA87M has a macOS-specific layout and keycaps. It’s otherwise identical to the standard VA87M.
We recommend
Keychron C1 , a starter keyboard

Keychron C1

A starter keyboard
The tenkeyless Keychron C1 is an excellent value, with solid build quality and a satisfying typing experience. Its keycaps feel cheaper and will wear out sooner than those of our top picks, but you can’t beat the price.
Budget friendly
Keychron Q3, the best, but expensive

Keychron Q3

The best, but expensive
The easy-to-program Keychron Q3 offers excellent build quality, hot-swappable switches, an optional knob, and RGB backlighting, but it’s expensive.
A better upgrade
Leopold FC900R, the best full-size keyboard

Leopold FC900R

The best full-size keyboard
The Leopold FC900R is a great mechanical option if you need a full-size keyboard with a built-in number pad.
Another good choice
Keychron C2, a full-size starter keyboard

Keychron C2

A full-size starter keyboard
The full-size Keychron C2 is identical to the tenkeyless C1 but with a built-in number pad.
Budget friendly
Logitech MX Keys, the best full-size wireless keyboard

Logitech MX Keys

The best full-size wireless keyboard
The MX Keys offers the best typing experience of the full-size keyboards we’ve tested, and it can connect via Bluetooth or USB dongle.
Another good choice
Logitech MX Keys for Mac, the best full-size wireless keyboard for mac

Logitech MX Keys for Mac

The best full-size wireless keyboard for Mac
Aside from its Mac-specific layout, this model is identical to the standard MX Keys.
Another good choice
Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB, comfortable, responsive, and fully split

Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB

Comfortable, responsive, and fully split
This mechanical keyboard is comfortable to type on and meets all of our ergonomic criteria: It’s a fully split keyboard, it has a flat slope, it can tent, it lacks a number pad, and it lets you program it for further customizability.
We recommend
Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard, affordable and wireless

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

Affordable and wireless
This inexpensive wireless ergonomic keyboard is easy to get used to and doesn't clutter your desk with wires, but it's only partially split, and its tenting angle isn’t customizable.
Budget friendly

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