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The Best Label Maker

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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After more than 20 hours researching 34 label makers and testing the seven most promising models, we found that the Dymo LabelManager 420P is the best one for most people who need to bring a bit more organization to their offices or homes. The Dymo has a large, bright display and an easy-to-navigate interface, and its keyboard is the most comfortable to use when typing one-handed.

Dymo LabelManager 420P, the best all-purpose label maker

Dymo LabelManager 420P

The best all-purpose label maker
This model’s compact size and comfy keyboard make operating it with one hand easy. It also has a large and bright display, an intuitive interface, and a convenient rechargeable battery.
We recommend
Brother PT-D450, same features, more difficult to use

Brother PT-D450

Same features, more difficult to use
It has a bright display and an easy-to-use keyboard—and its labels actually survived a run through the dishwasher. But it needs six AA batteries.
Another good choice

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