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The Best Menstrual Cup

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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Over the span of just three cycles, a reusable menstrual cup can save you money. And switching to a cup can immediately reduce the number of disposable tampons or pads you’d ordinarily toss in the trash. The best cup for you largely depends on your anatomy. After testing 33 different cups and two menstrual discs from 21 manufacturers since 2016, we’ve found that the Cora Easy-Does-It Cup is the best cup for first-time users because it’s easier than most to fold, insert, and remove. For more size, shape, and stem options, consider our long-time recommendation, the MeLuna Classic. We also have picks for low cervixes, high cervixes, and wide vaginas.

Cora Easy-Does-It Cup, the best menstrual cup for beginners

Cora Easy-Does-It Cup

The best menstrual cup for beginners
The Cora Easy-Does-It Cup has some clever design elements that make it easier for a first-time cup user to get the hang of things—it folds nicely, and its slightly irregular shape makes pinching and removing easier. It comes in two sizes.
We recommend
MeLuna Classic, the most size, shape, and stem options

MeLuna Classic

The most size, shape, and stem options
This cup’s firmness hits a sweet spot of being both easy to fold up and easy to get it to pop open once inside, and it comes in a range of sizes. It’s also easy to clean.
We recommend
MeLuna Shorty, for low cervixes

MeLuna Shorty

For low cervixes
If you have a really low cervix, this is the shortest cup we tested that still performs well. It’s easy to clean, and goes in and out without trouble. Because it’s a little shorter, certain types of folds are harder to do.
Another good choice
DivaCup, for high cervixes


For high cervixes
This is one of the best-known cups and also one of the largest. If you’ve got a long vagina, this is a great cup—it folds easily, is easy to grip for insertion and removal, and cleans without a problem. It comes in three sizes.
Another good choice
Lena , for wide vaginas


For wide vaginas
The silicone is smooth and feels good on the skin, and this cup is easy to insert and remove. It’s a bit wider than most cups, so if you have a wide vagina this is a great cup for you.
Another good choice

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