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Updated Dec 11, 2022
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Most countertop microwaves are just variations of the same cheap-but-decent machine, built by the same manufacturer (Midea) in the same factory with the same core components. The Toshiba EM131A5C stands out a little from this mass of low-cost clones simply because it looks nicer and has a few useful features that you don’t usually get at this price.

Toshiba EM131A5C, good looks, great controls

Toshiba EM131A5C

Good looks, great controls
This midsize microwave looks better and has a few more useful features—including a mute option, automatic reheating, and a door handle instead of a button—than similar ovens.
We recommend
Toshiba ML2-EM25PAE, smaller but similar

Toshiba ML2-EM25PAE

Smaller but similar
If your countertops are a little tight on space or you want to save some money, this slightly smaller version of our favorite Toshiba works well and has most of the same great features.
We recommend
Magic Chef HMM1110B, another decent microwave

Magic Chef HMM1110B

Another decent microwave
Most countertop microwaves are made in the same factory from the same core components—including the Toshiba we like, as well as this cheaper model. Get whatever fits your space and your budget.
Another good choice
Panasonic NN-SN67HS, faster, more even heating

Panasonic NN-SN67HS

Faster, more even heating
This is the only countertop microwave we tested that clearly outperformed the mass of cheaper models, and it’s not too expensive, either. Otherwise, the features and controls are pretty similar.
A better upgrade
GE JVM6175, a great otr microwave

GE JVM6175

A great OTR microwave
This GE heats about as well as other over-the-range models we’ve tested, and it has far more controls and comes in more finishes than other microwaves at this price.
Another good choice

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