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The Best Modern Bed Frames to Dress Up Your Bedroom

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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Testing bed frames might sound like a sneaky way of getting to nap on the job, but it’s surprisingly rigorous. To find our eight favorites, we spent weeks researching frames and several sweaty days unpacking boxes, tightening bolts, and, yes, collapsing into bed. All of our picks are durable, high-quality, and stylish. We also have a guide to our favorite budget-friendly options.

BenchMade Modern Skinny Fat Bed, endless color and fabric choices, lifetime warranty

BenchMade Modern Skinny Fat Bed

Endless color and fabric choices, lifetime warranty
The Skinny Fat is a handsome, upholstered bed that offers classic mid-century details and more than 100 color and fabric combinations. Plus, it’s easy to assemble and comes with a lifetime warranty.
We recommend
Article Tessu, an affordable upholstered frame

Article Tessu

An affordable upholstered frame
This neutral, upholstered bed will blend well with most decor and comes in five colors. It’s also the most budget-friendly frame we recommend in this guide. But it’s a pain to assemble.
We recommend
Blu Dot Nook Bed, high design

Blu Dot Nook Bed

High design
A unique, angular headboard gives this upholstered bed a more modern look compared with others we tried, and its hefty steel frame and plywood supports add up to a sturdy and comfortable option—but it’s pricey.
We recommend
Thuma The Bed, sturdy platform, elegant assembly

Thuma The Bed

Sturdy platform, elegant assembly
This bed is dead simple to assemble—it takes one person just a few minutes and requires no tools. Thanks to its sturdy construction, it can support more weight, up to 1,500 pounds, than any other bed we tried, and Thuma offers a lifetime warranty.
We recommend
Casper Repose Bed Frame and Pillow Headboard, a great-quality frame with options for different budgets

Casper Repose Bed Frame and Pillow Headboard

A great-quality frame with options for different budgets
This bed frame is easy to put together, and all the materials seem well made. The slats are solid beech, the rounded legs look and feel great, and the slightly angled pillow headboard feels soft yet supportive to lean against—perfect for reading in bed.
We recommend
Rove Concepts Mikkel Bed, the comfiest bed for lounging

Rove Concepts Mikkel Bed

The comfiest bed for lounging
This simple frame’s flexible, bowed slats dampen excess movement and make the Mikkel more supportive than any other bed we tested. Its pillowy headboard is also the most comfortable to lean against.
We recommend
Akron Street Mysa Bed, a no-frills, all-oak bed

Akron Street Mysa Bed

A no-frills, all-oak bed
This easy-to-assemble frame has a low profile and a spare, clean aesthetic. The Mysa is made of solid white oak, so we think it’s built to last, but it doesn’t come with a warranty.
We recommend
Floyd The Bed Frame, modular modernism with a 10-year warranty

Floyd The Bed Frame

Modular modernism with a 10-year warranty
Floyd’s minimalist frame, available in two real wood veneer finishes, is great for those who want flexibility for mattress upgrades, add-on options, and future moves.
We recommend
Casper Adjustable Base Max, an adjustable frame

Casper Adjustable Base Max

An adjustable frame
This versatile bed frame can slot into most existing frames and lets you electronically adjust your sleeping position, from elevated legs to an upright torso.
We recommend

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