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The Best Monitor Arms

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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A monitor that’s positioned too high or too low—or too close or too far from you—is a recipe for neck and shoulder pain. Unlike the stand that comes with most monitors, a monitor arm provides flexibility to position your screen exactly where you want it for proper ergonomics and comfort. It can also free up space on your desk and help your workspace look neater. After assessing 10 monitor arms ranging in price from $50 to $335 in a new round of testing, we found that the Fully Jarvis Monitor Arm is the best option. It moves smoothly into a wide range of positions and angles, holds monitors up to 32 inches in size steadily and securely, and is easy to set up. It’s also backed by the longest warranty we’ve seen for monitor arms.

Fully Jarvis Monitor Arm, the best monitor arm

Fully Jarvis Monitor Arm

The best monitor arm
The sleek and sturdy Fully Jarvis makes raising, lowering, and rotating a monitor easy, and it’s backed by a 15-year warranty.
We recommend
Ergotron LX Desk Monitor Arm, for larger or heavier monitors

Ergotron LX Desk Monitor Arm

For larger or heavier monitors
The Ergotron LX monitor arm supports slightly larger or heavier monitors than the Fully Jarvis, but it costs more.
Another good choice
Ergotron LX Desk Monitor Arm, Tall Pole, the best monitor arm for people taller than 6 feet

Ergotron LX Desk Monitor Arm, Tall Pole

The best monitor arm for people taller than 6 feet
The Tall Pole version of the Ergotron LX adds over 5 inches of pole length, which makes it a more comfortable choice for people taller than 6 feet.
Another good choice

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