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The Best Napkins and Tablecloth

Updated Dec 12, 2022
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Over the course of four years, we spent 75 hours researching almost 100 napkins and tablecloths, and tested 22 to find the best for most people. We like the Williams Sonoma Hotel Dinner Napkins and Tablecloth because they are made from 100 percent tight-weave cotton, available in the widest assortment of sizes and sets, and the best-quality table linens we found for the price. The napkins are soft and absorbent, and the thick tablecloth looks smooth and elegant.

Williams Sonoma Hotel Dinner Napkin, the best cloth napkin

Williams Sonoma Hotel Dinner Napkin

The best cloth napkin
These soft and absorbent dinner napkins are finished with deep hems and clean stitching.
We recommend
Crate and Barrel Fete Napkin, value napkins in lots of colors

Crate and Barrel Fete Napkin

Value napkins in lots of colors
These inexpensive napkins come in 14 color choices, the most of all our picks.
Budget friendly
Rough Linen Smooth Linen Napkin, the best linen napkin

Rough Linen Smooth Linen Napkin

The best linen napkin
Smooth and absorbent, this luxurious napkin is perfect for those who love the soft and relaxed texture of 100 percent linen.
A better upgrade
Rough Linen Smooth Linen Tablecloth, the best linen tablecloth

Rough Linen Smooth Linen Tablecloth

The best linen tablecloth
Nothing comes close to the soft, relaxed drape of this 100 percent linen tablecloth. Yes, it’s expensive, but this tablecloth will last you a lifetime.
A better upgrade

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