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The Best Nursing Bras

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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The cups of a nursing bra unclip or pull open to make it easy for you to bring a feeding baby to the breast. We spent six months testing 24 nursing bras with a panel of 17 moms ranging in size from 32D up to 42K (and including 36B and 34C) and found that the best nursing bras for most people are the seamless Cake Lingerie Cotton Candy and Bravado Designs Body Silk, the underwire Hotmilk Forever Yours and Paramour Lorraine, the wireless Hotmilk Show Off, and the sleep-friendly Kindred Bravely French Terry Racerback.

Cake Lingerie Cotton Candy, the best seamless nursing bra

Cake Lingerie Cotton Candy

The best seamless nursing bra
No other seamless bra we tested accommodates breast size fluctuation with the support and comfort of the Cotton Candy, making it ideal as a first postpartum nursing bra.
We recommend
Hotmilk Forever Yours, the best underwire nursing bra

Hotmilk Forever Yours

The best underwire nursing bra
The Hotmilk Forever Yours has flexible underwire that does a better job of keeping moms free of clogged ducts and mastitis than typical underwire bras. Plus, it looks good under a T-shirt.
We recommend
Hotmilk Show Off, the best wireless nursing bra

Hotmilk Show Off

The best wireless nursing bra
Among the wireless nursing bras we tested, the Hotmilk Show Off provided the greatest lift and support, and our testers unanimously liked the way they felt and looked in it as well.
We recommend
Kindred Bravely French Terry Racerback, the best nursing sleep bra

Kindred Bravely French Terry Racerback

The best nursing sleep bra
Unlike many of the sleep bras we tested, the Kindred Bravely keeps it simple: This inexpensive bra is soft, supportive, and comfortable without any unnecessary engineering.
We recommend
Bravado Designs Body Silk, a popular seamless option

Bravado Designs Body Silk

A popular seamless option
A true-to-size fit makes this comfortable, supporting bra an easy one to order online
Another good choice
Paramour Lorraine, the best underwire bra for larger sizes

Paramour Lorraine

The best underwire bra for larger sizes
This budget underwire bra has a smooth shape, soft cups, and unique features like optional front closure and a lacy racerback.
Another good choice

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