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The Best Nursing Pillows

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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A dedicated pillow can help support a breastfeeding baby, making nursing more comfortable. After 15 hours of research, including interviewing four lactation consultants, considering 17 nursing pillows, and testing nine of them with 12 breastfeeding mothers (and 12 babies, from newborn to 14 months), we concluded that the Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow is the one we’d recommend for most new moms and babies. Please know that the pillows in this guide are not safe spots to allow a baby to sleep; the only safe place for an infant to sleep is on a firm, flat surface, like that in a crib, bassinet, or playard.

Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow, the best nursing pillow

Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow

The best nursing pillow
The Luna Lullaby strikes the best balance of being both soft and supportive, with an ultra-plush cover and a versatile shape that works well for breastfeeding, tummy time, and lounging.
We recommend
Boppy Luxe Nursing Pillow, a good c-shaped pillow

Boppy Luxe Nursing Pillow

A good C-shaped pillow
The popular Boppy offers a more structured, supportive surface, and a C shape that hugs your body closely, but it’s not as soft or versatile as our main pick. The Luxe version has a plush cover.
Another good choice
Boppy Classic Nursing Pillow, same pillow, simpler cover

Boppy Classic Nursing Pillow

Same pillow, simpler cover
The Boppy Classic has the same inner pillow as the Boppy Luxe but a simpler woven cotton-polyester cover.
Another good choice
My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow, the best belted pillow

My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow

The best belted pillow
A favorite of lactation consultants, the My Brest Friend pillow has a firm, flat surface and attaches securely to your body with a buckle, but isn’t as versatile as our other picks.
Another good choice
Blessed Nest Nesting Pillow, a moldable, more stylish pillow

Blessed Nest Nesting Pillow

A moldable, more stylish pillow
The Blessed Nest Nesting Pillow’s buckwheat hull fill is moldable, so you can change the pillow’s shape and elevation. The organic cotton canvas and terry cloth cover’s colors and prints are more elegant than the typical pastels and cutesy designs of most nursing pillows.
Another good choice

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