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The Best Online Framing Services

Updated Dec 17, 2022
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Online framing services offer an easy way to frame art. The results look nicer than off-the-rack frames and generally cost less than the work of custom shops. After researching 13 services and testing five, we think Framebridge delivers the most consistently attractive and well-made frames for art and photos.

Framebridge, the do-it-all frame


The do-it-all frame
Framebridge is easier to use and offers more-customizable products than any other framer we tested. It will frame most types of art (not just photos), and it’s the only service we tried that offers free design help.
We recommend
Artifact Uprising, fewer options, top quality

Artifact Uprising

Fewer options, top quality
Artifact Uprising’s frame was better than any other we ordered, but the service frames only digital photos, not art, and doesn’t offer much customization. Its ordering system also wasn’t as intuitive as others we tested.
Another good choice

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