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The Best Outdoor Speakers

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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We love the convenience of portable Bluetooth speakers. But for those who want a more permanent—and higher-quality—outdoor audio solution for a backyard or patio, we suggest a good pair of weatherproof outdoor speakers. The OSD Audio AP650 speakers are your best choice because they sound good, mount easily, and are built to tolerate harsh weather and ward off invasion by bugs and dust.

OSD Audio AP650, the best outdoor speakers

OSD Audio AP650

The best outdoor speakers
The AP650 speakers have a clear, full sound that works well for any type of music. And they don't have any ports that allow in water or bugs.
We recommend
Yamaha NS-AW294, similar performance, less weatherproofing

Yamaha NS-AW294

Similar performance, less weatherproofing
The NS-AW294 speakers deliver full sound, but they’re not the best choice for places that experience severe weather.
Another good choice
Dayton Audio IO8XTB, big, bassy, yard-filling sound

Dayton Audio IO8XTB

Big, bassy, yard-filling sound
The IO8XTB speaker sounds clearer than our less-pricey picks, and it produces a lot more bass.
A better upgrade
Dual Electronics LU53PW, decent sound at a very low price

Dual Electronics LU53PW

Decent sound at a very low price
The LU53PW is a compact, affordable choice that is completely sealed, but this pair doesn’t have as much bass and doesn’t sound as good at very loud volumes.
Budget friendly
OSD Audio BTP525, a simple solution for smaller areas

OSD Audio BTP525

A simple solution for smaller areas
The BTP525 speakers have Bluetooth and a stereo amp built in, making installation much simpler. They sound good, but they won’t fill as large an area as our other picks.
Another good choice

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