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The Best Pepper Mill

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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A good pepper mill will do wonders for enhancing the flavor of your food. As a pepper mill grinds, it releases aromatic oils, giving you a superior-tasting pepper that’s a far cry from that bland, pre-ground stuff in a can. After more than 60 hours of research over the past several years and testing 19 different pepper mills, we recommend the Peugeot Paris u’Select Pepper Mill. It’s a bit more expensive than other grinders, but you’ll probably never need to buy another one; the Peugeot is a buy-it-for-life kind of item.

Peugeot Paris u’Select Pepper Mill, the best pepper mill

Peugeot Paris u’Select Pepper Mill

The best pepper mill
The Peugeot has been a favorite since it was introduced more than a century ago, and it’s still the best due to its ease of use, even grind, and classic look.
We recommend
Fletchers’ Mill Border Grill Pepper Mill, speedy, but no preset dial

Fletchers’ Mill Border Grill Pepper Mill

Speedy, but no preset dial
If the Peugeot is unavailable, or you prefer a more-streamlined look, the Fletchers’ Mill model offers a similar performance with a solid build. But it lacks preset coarseness settings.
Another good choice
Trudeau 6-Inch Seville Pepper Mill , no frills, but consistent

Trudeau 6-Inch Seville Pepper Mill

No frills, but consistent
This mill is on the smaller side, but the Trudeau Seville grinds consistently (though not quite as finely as the Peugeot and Fletchers’ Mill models).
Budget friendly
Eparé Battery Operated Pepper Mill, if you prefer electric pepper mills

Eparé Battery Operated Pepper Mill

If you prefer electric pepper mills
The Eparé Battery Operated Pepper Mill requires four AA batteries, but it finely grinds pepper and was the quietest electric model we tested.
Another good choice

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