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The Best Popsicle Molds

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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On hot days, few things are as satisfying as reaching into your freezer for a homemade ice pop—but only if you can extract that ice pop in one piece. Having a popsicle mold that’s easy to fill, store, and remove treats from makes all the difference. After researching dozens of popsicle molds, testing 31, and making almost 200 ice pops over the years (as well as eating enough of them to give a whole army a brain freeze), we’ve found that the Tovolo Classic Pop Molds make the most consistent and easy-to-eat pops of all the molds we’ve tried.

Tovolo Classic Pop Molds, the best popsicle molds

Tovolo Classic Pop Molds

The best popsicle molds
These plastic molds make a traditionally shaped ice pop that comes out smoothly. The individually removable molds fit in a narrow tray, taking up minimal freezer space. And the whole set is dishwasher safe.
We recommend
Tovolo Penguin Pop Molds, small-ish pops for kids

Tovolo Penguin Pop Molds

Small-ish pops for kids
Cute and fun, this set offers unusual shapes and an easily peelable silicone mold. The medium size is great for big kids (we have an even smaller pick for younger ones).
Another good choice
Zoku Fish Pop Molds, small pops for kids

Zoku Fish Pop Molds

Small pops for kids
These clever under-the-sea molds make even-smaller-than-average pops, so they’re more manageable for younger kids to finish. The silicone molds release easily, but they’re also easier to overfill than our main pick.
Another good choice
Lékué Tropical Fruit Ice Pop Molds, fun and splurge-worthy

Lékué Tropical Fruit Ice Pop Molds

Fun and splurge-worthy
Each fruity silicone mold in this set is a seperate piece, allowing you to easily stack them in the freezer. These fun shapes are simple to extract pops from and are fully dishwasher safe.
Another good choice

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