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The Best Portable Dishwasher

Updated Dec 12, 2022
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If you can’t install a dishwasher, you aren’t necessarily doomed to hand-washing duty. A portable dishwasher clamps to a faucet when you need it and can roll away (and turn into extra counter space) when you don’t. Otherwise, it works just like any built-in dishwasher. If you need one, we recommend a portable dishwasher from GE, available in compact 18-inch and standard 24-inch versions.

GE GPT145SSLSS, a great compact portable dishwasher


A great compact portable dishwasher
This portable dishwasher rolls up to your sink, hooks up to the faucet, runs like any other dishwasher, and wheels back into storage when you’re done. This is a compact, 18-inch model.
We recommend
GE GPT225SSLSS, a great standard-size portable dishwasher


A great standard-size portable dishwasher
This is a standard-width, 24-inch version of the GE portable dishwasher, with as much capacity as in a typical built-in model.
We recommend

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