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With a Pee Funnel (or Portable Toilet), the World Is Your Bathroom

Updated Dec 12, 2022
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Want to avoid using public restrooms right now? I do too.I never had penis envy until the coronavirus pandemic took away all the places I could easily pee when I was away from home. Whether we’re protesting police brutality or picnicking at the park, for those of us whose urethras are ensconced in labia, peeing without access to a standard toilet can be messy, at best.

Tinkle Belle Female Urination Device, the best reusable pee funnel

Tinkle Belle Female Urination Device

The best reusable pee funnel
Sturdy and accommodating yet packable, the Tinkle Belle is easy to use and clean.
We recommend
PeeBuddy Female Urination Device, the best disposable pee funnels

PeeBuddy Female Urination Device

The best disposable pee funnels
These collapsible, single-use funnels aren’t as foolproof as reusable ones, but they still work well.
We recommend
TravelJohn Disposable Urinal (TJ1A), a convenient urinal pouch

TravelJohn Disposable Urinal (TJ1A)

A convenient urinal pouch
Anyone with or without a penis can use these simple disposable pouches to catch and contain pee.
Another good choice
Reliance Luggable Loo Portable Toilet, a bucket with a toilet seat

Reliance Luggable Loo Portable Toilet

A bucket with a toilet seat
Surprisingly comfortable to use, this bucket with a toilet seat attached is a relatively affordable upgrade compared with a bucket that has no toilet seat.
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