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The Best Wireless Charging Power Banks

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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Most power banks with wireless-charging capability, including both Qi and MagSafe options, aren’t particularly great at providing power on the go or charging wirelessly. Kenu’s BingeBank comes closest to nailing both tasks, offering plenty of charging capacity to keep your phone going if its battery runs low during the day, while adding an adhesive surface that keeps a phone firmly in place while it’s charging and a kickstand for propping the phone up for easy viewing. That makes the BingeBank the best model you can buy for phones without MagSafe. If you have a MagSafe-equipped phone, consider our also-great pick below.

Kenu BingeBank , the best combination power bank and wireless charger

Kenu BingeBank

The best combination power bank and wireless charger
This Qi power bank’s reusable adhesive surface holds your phone in place while it’s wirelessly charging, and the kickstand can prop your phone up for desktop use or movie watching. It can charge most phones up to three times.
We recommend
Anker 622 Magnetic Battery (MagGo), the best power bank for iphone 12 or newer

Anker 622 Magnetic Battery (MagGo)

The best power bank for iPhone 12 or newer
Anker’s magnetic power bank snaps onto the back of MagSafe-equipped phones and provides nearly a full charge at a fast-enough speed, while also working as a stand when you need one.
Another good choice
Aukey 10000mAh Wireless Charging Power Bank, a basic, fast, and inexpensive charging option

Aukey 10000mAh Wireless Charging Power Bank

A basic, fast, and inexpensive charging option
If you want a basic Qi wireless power bank that offers speedy charging at a good price, this Aukey model delivers. But don’t expect extras such as a kickstand or an adhesive surface.
Another good choice
Scosche QiDock Powerbank, the best affordable choice for a desk

Scosche QiDock Powerbank

The best affordable choice for a desk
This model consists of a smaller, lower-capacity Qi wireless battery pack paired with a dock that charges the power bank and holds your phone at a convenient angle.
Budget friendly

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