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The Best Rechargeable Battery Charger (for AA and AAA Batteries)

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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Today’s rechargeable AA and AAA batteries are much more efficient and reliable than those you may remember from years past. If you’re making the switch to rechargeables, you’ll need a charger to keep them powered. We spent 11 hours researching and 45 hours testing AA and AAA battery chargers, and we found that the Panasonic Eneloop BQ-CC55 is the best for most people. It’s compact, has a fold-out AC plug, and charges up to four batteries at a time. And it has lights to tell you when each battery is dead, half-full, or fully charged.

Panasonic Eneloop BQ-CC55, the best aa and aaa battery charger

Panasonic Eneloop BQ-CC55

The best AA and AAA battery charger
This is the charger we’d buy. It has a fold-out plug—so it sits flush on your wall outlet—and notification lights over each battery slot. And it can charge up to four batteries at a time.
We recommend
EBL 6201 , if you want to charge via usb

EBL 6201

If you want to charge via USB
This four-slot charger is powered by either USB-C or Micro-USB, giving you two convenient ways to charge your batteries from a USB charger you already have.
Another good choice
Tenergy TN480U , if you use a lot of batteries

Tenergy TN480U

If you use a lot of batteries
This eight-slot charger is ideal for households that use lots of batteries for toys, gaming controllers, and more. Despite holding twice as many batteries as our other picks, this charger is relatively small and compact, and its screen gives you key info at a glance.
Another good choice
Tenergy TN456 , if you want a charger that’s loaded with features

Tenergy TN456

If you want a charger that’s loaded with features
This four-slot charger measures battery capacity, voltage, internal resistance, and charge time. It can charge AA, AAA, AAAA, and C batteries, including lithium- and nickel-based batteries, all with custom charge rates.
Another good choice

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