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The Best Reusable Straws

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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Whether you want a reusable straw for slurping morning smoothies at home or for drinking iced coffee on the go, we recommend the OXO 4-Piece Reusable Straw and Brush Set with Case. We found these straws to be some of the most comfortable to sip from and the easiest to clean, and they’re among the only straws we like that come with a carrying case and a cleaning brush. The silicone top extends from about 8 to 10½ inches, so you can adjust the length depending on the cup you use. We also like that you can get the OXO straws in a variety of colors and in sets of two or four.

OXO 4-Piece Reusable Straw and Brush Set with Case, the best reusable straws

OXO 4-Piece Reusable Straw and Brush Set with Case

The best reusable straws
These stainless steel straws have a durable metal base topped with an extendable silicone tip that’s comfortable (and safe) to drink from, and they come with a case and a brush.
We recommend
Klean Kanteen Steel Straws, great straws without a case

Klean Kanteen Steel Straws

Great straws without a case
These straws also have a silicone top and a stainless steel base, but they don’t come with a carrying case.
Another good choice
GoSili Reusable Silicone Straws, a softer silicone straw for kids

GoSili Reusable Silicone Straws

A softer silicone straw for kids
You can easily see if these translucent silicone straws are clean, and they come in lengths short enough to fit a kid’s cup.
Another good choice

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