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The Best SD Cards

Updated Dec 10, 2022
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Without an SD card to record your images, your digital camera will end up feeling like a pricey paperweight. Because an SD card serves as the memory center for your camera, its performance and reliability, in addition to a reasonable price, are key to finding one you can count on. Through our research and testing, we’ve found that the 64 GB SanDisk Extreme Pro is fast enough for a 4K video enthusiast, speedy enough for an impatient downloader, and reliable enough for anyone to use for years to come.

SanDisk Extreme Pro (64 GB), best sd card for most digital cameras

SanDisk Extreme Pro (64 GB)

Best SD card for most digital cameras
The SanDisk Extreme Pro is the fastest UHS-I card we tested and is covered by a lifetime limited warranty. It has a good price per gigabyte, too.
We recommend
SanDisk Extreme (64 GB), the next-best option

SanDisk Extreme (64 GB)

The next-best option
The latest generation of the SanDisk Extreme has a slower write speed than our top pick, which translates to slightly slower in-camera performance, but it’s still plenty fast enough for you to shoot 4K video, and it has the same warranty.
Another good choice
Lexar Professional 2000x (64 GB), the best uhs-ii option

Lexar Professional 2000x (64 GB)

The best UHS-II option
If you have a UHS-II–compatible camera and want faster read and write speeds (which increase in-camera performance and upload speeds), this Lexar card balances value and reliability with the advanced performance you might expect of a UHS-II card.
A better upgrade

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