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The Best Shovel

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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After 15 hours spent researching shovels and interviewing professional landscapers, and six hours digging through mulch, compost, and rock-filled wasteland at a community garden in New York City, we’re sure the best all-purpose garden shovel you can buy is the Bully Tools 82515. It’s lighter, stronger, cheaper, and more comfortable to use than any other model we tested, which makes it more efficient overall.

Bully Tools 82515, our pick

Bully Tools 82515

Our pick
Thoughtfully engineered, built tough, and priced right, it’s the best—and last—shovel you’ll ever buy.
We recommend
Corona AS 90300, an ultra-heavy-duty shovel

Corona AS 90300

An ultra-heavy-duty shovel
This is one of the toughest shovels available—the one you want when you’re facing the toughest kind of digging work. But for everyday jobs, it’s the last shovel you’d reach for: It’s too heavy, too cumbersome, just too much tool.
Another good choice

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