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The Best Shower Mat

Updated Dec 12, 2022
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If your shower or tub floor is at all slippery, a grippy mat might help to prevent falls—and stomach-lurching near misses. We considered a dozen top-rated options and put four to the test over a week of showers and four spins in the washing machine. The Gorilla Grip Bath and Shower Mat outperformed the rest, balancing a comfortable surface with easy cleaning. If you’re looking for an absorbent mat for outside the tub, check out our bath mat guide.

Gorilla Grip Bath and Shower Mat, the best mat for most showers and tubs

Gorilla Grip Bath and Shower Mat

The best mat for most showers and tubs
Grippier underfoot than other mats we tested, this model comes in the most colors, including many that make spotting dirt easier. Plus, perforations help with drainage.
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