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The Best Silicone Rings

Updated Dec 17, 2022
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The bonds of marriage are strong. But the tens of millions of search results for “wedding ring break” paint a contrasting picture of the strength of the jewelry representing those bonds. A silicone ring is an affordable, hard-wearing, and—dare we say—attractive alternative to a metal ring. You can wear a silicone ring in place of a wedding band—or just for fun. Some people wear silicone rings as a permanent substitute for metal, and others put one on when they’re worried about damaging a pricey ring. The best we found is the Groove Life Original Solid Ring, an alternative to your standard band that’s comfortable, looks good, and has just the right amount of stretch for comfort.

Groove Life Original Solid Ring, great quality, many colors

Groove Life Original Solid Ring

Great quality, many colors
The thick Groove Life Original Solid Ring features a ridge lining inside the band—so air circulates around your finger while you work (or work out). And this ring is stretchy enough to provide maximum comfort.
We recommend
Groove Life Thin Solid Ring, a scaled-down ring

Groove Life Thin Solid Ring

A scaled-down ring
The Groove Life Thin Solid Ring is closer in size to a traditional wedding band. It comes in a smaller size range than the Original Solid, but it has the same comfortable ridge lining and stretchy quality.
We recommend
Roq Dome Style Thin Silicone Ring (4-Pack), a more affordable option

Roq Dome Style Thin Silicone Ring (4-Pack)

A more affordable option
For a fraction of the price of lesser rings we tried, the Roq Dome Style Thin Silicone Ring pack features four pretty, comfy rings to wear for short stretches of time.
Budget friendly
Enso Pyramid Stackable Ring, a thin, stackable ring

Enso Pyramid Stackable Ring

A thin, stackable ring
The Enso Pyramid Stackable Ring is the thinnest and most fashion-forward of all the silicone bands we tested. It’s also comfortable to wear.
Another good choice

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