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The Best Sleep-Tracking App

Updated Dec 17, 2022
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Sleep is mysterious. But sleep-tracking apps promise to help you understand when you cross the threshold between waking and sleeping—and what happens in between. For people who want an uncomplicated interface with an intuitive design, we recommend SleepScore (which works a lot better with iPhones than with Android phones) as well as Sleep Cycle (which is as compatible with Android models as it is with iPhones).

SleepScore, the best sleep-tracking app


The best sleep-tracking app
This is the most intuitive and convenient app we tested and the only one that gives detailed recommendations for improving sleep.
We recommend
Sleep Cycle, simpler interface, less data

Sleep Cycle

Simpler interface, less data
This app is good for people who just want to see sleep patterns and how they correlate with diet and exercise. But it doesn’t offer custom advice and tracks less data than SleepScore.
Another good choice

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