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The Best 32-Inch TV

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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“Bigger is better” may be the TV industry’s current motto, but some people simply don’t need a big-screen TV. If you’re searching for a television to fit in a small living room, dorm room, or bedroom—or if you just don’t want to spend very much money on a casual-use TV—we recommend the TCL 32S334. None of the 32-inch TVs we tested deliver the higher-level performance found in our favorite premium and budget 4K TVs, but the 32S334 looks better than the competition, is easy to use, and has the best assortment of helpful features.

TCL 32S334 Android TV, the best 32-inch tv

TCL 32S334 Android TV

The best 32-inch TV
The 32S334 offers better picture quality than the competition and has helpful built-in features like voice search and Bluetooth audio output.
We recommend
TCL 32S327 Roku TV, for close-up uses and roku fans

TCL 32S327 Roku TV

For close-up uses and Roku fans
The TCL 32S327’s higher 1080p resolution makes it a good choice for up-close uses, and it features the clean, simple Roku TV interface that many people like. But some features require the use of a mobile app.
Another good choice

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