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The Best Smartwatch for Android Phones

Updated Dec 11, 2022
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Smartwatches let you see who’s calling, read a text, or review any of the other dozens of kinds of notifications you might get every day without pulling out your phone. The Apple Watch has set the standard for what a smartwatch can do, but it only works with Apple’s iPhones. Android users have a plethora of other wearable options, but most of them have been too heavy, slow, or poorly supported, or some combination of those, to recommend. The past few years have seen improvements, though. After researching and testing dozens of Android-compatible smartwatches, we recommend the Samsung Galaxy Watch5. It’s one of the fastest and most helpful wearables we’ve tested, with robust support for voice commands, mobile payments, and fitness tracking.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5, a stylish, capable smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy Watch5

A stylish, capable smartwatch
Samsung’s Galaxy Watch5 has the latest Wear OS software, offers speedy performance, and is both stylish and comfortable.
We recommend
Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro, improved materials and navigation

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro

Improved materials and navigation
The Watch5 Pro has everything that makes the Watch5 great, plus a more durable stainless steel body and a bigger battery.
A better upgrade
Google Pixel Watch, a smaller, stylish smartwatch from google

Google Pixel Watch

A smaller, stylish smartwatch from Google
The Pixel Watch offers a stylish design and refined, fast software, but the price is higher than the more capable Galaxy Watch5.
Another good choice

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